How Do I Get a Loan? is a service that helps you find loans. Loans up to $5,000 are offered for a period of four months to citizens of USA aged 18 or older. The loan amount depends on the terms set by your lender. We cannot guarantee that each lender will offer you a loan for the maximum amount with the longest repayment period.

The general requirements to the borrowers are:

  • Legal citizenship in USA
  • 18–65 years of age
  • A valid SSS or TIN, and UMID card
  • Any form of income (official or unofficial)

Generally, it takes up to 30 minutes to apply and get an approval. All you need is to specify how much you would like to borrow and for how long, fill out a basic form (name, ID, etc.), and send it through our service. We will give you a list of institutions that offer loans. Next, you choose a loan and read through the terms and conditions. If you decide to accept the terms, the financial institution will send the money to your account or credit card. You can complete your loan application at any time, there are no obligations to commit to anything. We cannot guarantee that your loan application will be approved.